Key dates:

Feb 1 2023 Registration opens
Mar 1 2023 Abstract submission opens
May 25 2023 Abstract submission closes
June 5 2023 Early-bird registration closes
July 1 2023 Deadline for late-breaking posters
Aug 31 2023 Deadline for registration
Sept 14-16 2023 Physiology in Focus




The information on this page is updated continuously.


Symposia were selected on the basis of submissions by the Special Interests Groups (SIGs). For that, the SPS SIGs were joined by representatives selected by the FEPS and the Baltic Physiological Societies.

The symposia organisers have invited speakers that will be listed here when confirmed. Note that the scientific committee will balance the representation of scientists from all career stages while making the selections.

Below, ECR stands for early career researcher. ECR means students (incl. PhD students), post-docs and up to 5 years after getting your PhD (no exceptions for leaves etc.).


SPS - Honourable Symposium: Sodium and Fluid Balance

  • Peter Bie, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
  • Pernille Lærkegaard Hansen, AstraZeneca, Sweden
  • Perter Norsk, Baylor College of Medicine & Center for Space Medicine & NASA, JSC, United States
  • Boye L. Jensen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
  • Pontus Peerson, Charité Berlin, Germany

Cardiac Symposium: Physiology of Mitochondria and Cardiac Metabolism

Chairs: Morten Bækgaard Thomsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Martin Laasmaa, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

  • Ellen Aasum, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway
  • György Hajnóczky, Thomas Jefferson University, USA
  • Uwe Schlattner, University of Grenoble Alpes, France
  • ECR: Jelena Branovets, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia  
  • ECR: from the Abstracts

Comparative Physiology Symposium: Comparative Cardiovascular Physiology

Chair: Sjannie Lefevre, University of Oslo, Norway

  • Dunja Aksentijevic, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, William Harvey Research Institute: London, UK: Metabolic adaptations in non-model organisms yield cardiac pathophysiology insights
  • Rikke Birkedal, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia: Communication within cardiomyocytes
  • ECR: Kirstine Callø, University of Copenhagen, Denmark: Electrical activation of the mammalian heart
  • ECR: William Joyce, University of Manchester, UK: Evolution of cardiac troponin

Neuroscience Symposium: Neurodegeneration

Chair: Mai Marie Holm, Aarhus University, Denmark

  • Gilberto Fisone, Karolinska Institute, Sweden: Non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease: Modelling sleep and circadian co-morbidities
  • Giorgio Grasselli, University of Genova, Italy: Structural and functional plasticity of cerebellar climbing fibers
  • ECR: Benjamin Portal, Uppsala University, Sweden: Early behavioral and synaptic changes in the APP NL-F mice model of Alzheimer’s disease
  • ECR: Katyayani Singh, University of Tartu, Estonia: Neuronal growth regulator 1 (NEGR1) cell adhesion molecules as connotation link between neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative processes

Renal Symposium: The Diseased Kidney

Chairs: Henrik Dimke, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark and Jenny Nyström, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Fredrik Palm , Uppsala University, Sweden: Oxygenation in the diseased kidney
  • Helle Prætorius, Aarhus University, Denmark: Impact of urosepsis and pyelonephritis on renal function
  • ECR: Kerstin Ebefors, University of Gothenburg, Sweden: The mesangium in diabetic nephropathy
  • ECR: Gitte Rye Hinrichs, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark: ENaC and Amiloride in nephrotic fluid and sodium retention

Skeletal Muscle Symposium: Novel Insight into Skeletal Muscle Pathophysiology in Disease

Chair: Johanna Lanner, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

  • Cristina Mammucari, University of Padova, Italy: Regulation of muscle metabolism and function by mitochondria cation channels 
  • Jorge Ruas, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden: Control of cell-cell communication during muscle remodeling and regeneration by a novel RNA-binding protein
  • ECR: Brendan Gabriel, The Rowett Institute, UK: Disrupted muscle circadian rhythms in metabolic disease – the importance of timing
  • ECR: from the abstracts

Vascular Symposium: Vascular Autoregulation in Special Tissues

Chairs: Charlotte Mehlin Sørensen and Thomas Andrew Jepps, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Dirk-Jan Duncker, Erasmus Medical Centre, Netherlands (cardiac) 
  • Ylva Hellsten, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (skeletal muscle)
  • Patrice Brassard, Université Laval, Canada (cerebral)
  • ECR: Blaire Lee, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (kidney)