We care about the environment!

Physiology in Focus 2023 acknowledges the environmental impact of organising such a large event and aims to provide a sustainable conference and keep it green.

 The conference participants wearing their badges will be able to use public transport like buses, trams and trolls in Tallinn free of charge courtesy of the City Government. The QR code will be sent to participants via e-mail before the conference as well.

⇒ In Estonia, tap water is drinkable water and will be served at the conference venue. We encourage people to bring their own reusable water bottles.

⇒ A digital programme and abstract book will be provided.

⇒ Ecological sustainability will be borne in mind with regard to the delegate kit and catering.

⇒ There are affordable electric scooter rental points all over Tallinn. We also encourage using electrical taxies.

⇒ You can calculate the carbon dioxide emissions from air travel via the ICAO Carbon Emission Calculator here. If you would like to buy some offsets, HERE are some interesting options for you.



European Green Capital Award

Tallinn received the European Green Capital Award from the European Commission in the autumn of 2021. The city’s well-thought-out vision and strategic goals to become greener and more sustainable were mentioned specifically – this is exactly how the Green Capital should be an example to other European cities, but also to cities around the world.

In 2023, the city plans to speed up the process of becoming more sustainable and inclusive, cooperate more with citizens, companies and organisations, design a new urban space and raise residents’ awareness about nature and the environment.

There will be interesting environment-themed activities for all residents of Tallinn, including over 60 events, as part of the green capital programme.

Read more about their plans HERE.



Principles for Sustainable Events

Publicon OÜ as the organiser has been dedicated to being as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible for the last 10 years, constantly improving, moving towards the best practices and doing our part to be kind to the environment and contribute to society. We have pledged to follow the sustainable event principles summarised by the Events Industry Council. Click on the logo below to read more!

For each event that we organize, we try to minimise the effects we have on the environment and promote a healthy, inclusive society by taking into account all the needs our clients and participants might have.

Some of the things we do:

⇒ Food - All our food for the events comes from local, high-quality producers. The offered food takes into account allergies and preferences, no participant goes hungry. We take into account the amount people usually eat (according to our long experience) so that little food is left unconsumed. In the case of excess, the food finds its way to food banks.

⇒ Education - Starting from last year, we regularly contribute to a project that offers financial support to youth that grew up in an orphanage and despite the difficulties of this lifepath have managed to make it to the university.

⇒ Gender equality - As a workplace, Publicon has no tolerance for any kind of discrimination. As conference organiser, we take into account gender-based needs. For example, women that are pregnant or have small children are welcome at our events - we offer separate rooms for their needs and satisfy any requests they might have.

⇒ Sanitation - We channel business only to venues that provide proper sanitation and offer drinkable high-quality tap water. At our events, participants always have access to clean drinking water. Since the start of the pandemic, we have worked on making conferences as safe as possible, and taking into account all mandated regulations with distancing, hand sanitation, temperature measuring and so on.

⇒ Recycling - If at all possible, the waste that is produced at our conferences finds its way to proper waste management facilities. Everything that can be reused, will.