Key dates:

Feb 1 2023 Registration opens
Mar 1 2023 Abstract submission opens
May 25 2023 Abstract submission closes
June 5 2023 Early-bird registration closes
July 1 2023 Deadline for late-breaking posters
Aug 31 2023 Deadline for registration
Sept 14-16 2023 Physiology in Focus




Submitting an abstract - deadline 25 May 2023!
Feedback to abstract submitters will be provided by June 20, 2023.


We are using the abstract submission platform called Oxford Abstracts.

Here are some easy steps on how to proceed:


► Sign up for the website using three different ways:
     ⇒ Create a new account for the Oxford Abstracts platform (search for "New to Oxford Abstracts? Create
          an account
     ⇒ Continue to sign in with your Google account
     ⇒ Continue to sign in with your Linkedin account
NB! Please keep in mind that event organisers will communicate with you about the event via your selected email.

► If you have signed in using THIS LINK then all you have to do is follow the steps named in the form and submit the abstract.

► System will send you an e-mail after your submission. Please do not delete the e-mail and keep it until the end of the conference.

► If you notice any mistakes or would like to withdraw your abstract from the conference, you can always log in to your account and make changes by yourself. Changes are allowed until 25 May 2023. After this date, we will not accept any more changes in the abstracts so be sure that all the data in your submission is correct.

► If you have any issues or questions about the platform or abstract submission, please do not hesitate to contact Delegate Services via e-mail at